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The Wall is India’s first online monthly magazine for art and lifestyle. Most of the other magazines in this segment are bi-annual so the news gets stale by the time it reaches the readers, so The Wall Art Magazine changes that with an easy to read online edition, and a companion version on the Apple Store for compatible devices.

Capturing The Essence

The online way of publishing might have taken the joy out of opening a newspaper or a magazine and going through articles and write ups, our aim here was to bring that essence back as much as possible. The Wall Art Magazine sets out to preserve the magazine feel by uploading an edition every month, and an option for users to read any of the previous editions. The Wall Art TV also resides alongside with interesting video content.

When The Time Comes To Choose

With the client’s requirement noted, we realized that no CMS would be ideal for getting the results we wanted. We decided to build our own custom CMS from ground up that would include all the features for the reader, and all the features needed for the editorial team to upload and update the magazine issues online.

If It’s A Magazine, It Has To Read Like One

The way we did the user interface for this project was that a user opens the website and they’re going to be offered the latest edition right at the top. On opening a magazine, there’s a wonderful flip book window that pops up allowing users to continue browsing the main website as well. Users can flip through all the pages of the edition they’ve opened and it’s as good as any real magazine experience barring the touch of the paper and the smell of a book.

Giving All The Right Elements The Right Attention

Users also get to access any of the older editions, and have access to the various carefully curated content blocks. Just gets the job done, and that is exactly what our attitude is all about!

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