Advanced Composite Reinforcements, Presented With An Advanced Website

Hindoostan Composite Solutions is a specialized technical textiles & composites solutions company engaged in manufacturing high performance Carbon, Glass and Kevlar composite reinforcements for the Infrastructure, Automotive, Marine, Sports and Industrial Markets.

BlueHorse was commissioned to design and develop their corporate site.

Finding The ‘Home’ Colours

The easiest way to start designing a website is to look at what colours a company’s identity has. Those become the primary or ‘home’ colours. Our design wizards used the yellow and the black as the starting points and from there on, did the whole website’s design effortlessly.

The Right UI, The Right Way

Dynamic moving elements on top of the site highlights the company’s efforts, then grid-based blocks for products, innovation, and media coverage are all perfectly laid out. The beautiful main menu with its clear navigation and drop downs with images to represent each menu item provide the icing on the cake and makes this one of our prettiest corporate projects.

Technology As A Means To An End

BlueHorse values the concept, functionality, and the look and the feel from the creative team, so our developers take pride in executing their requirements with no compromise made. For this project, our team chose to work with the latest WordPress CMS. WP has evolved and come a long way from its early days as a blogging tool, and is very flexible and customizable.

The Results Speak Louder Than Mere Words

We were able to code beautiful looking inside pages with multiple tabs and content laid out in tabular manner. The typography is clear and the layout is smooth as butter throughout the website. This is one corporate site we are very proud of.

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