Traders and Distributors in the Petrochemical, Polymer, Fertilizer Industries are Awesome Online

The Crescent Group is an old time giant who not only excels in trading and distribution in various chemical industries, but they also have ancillary services in storage, customs clearance, and delivery. Through acquisitions, the Crescent Group also have international operations in UAE and have their hand in the emerging solar technologies.

When The Job Is Simple, Don’t Complicate It

We are used to taking up complex projects where huge teams across mediums work in synergy with each other. But we also love to work with corporates and help them represent their businesses on the internet, because these projects look great and they add more features to our hats. In this case, The Crescent Group has three major business verticals and a few pages under each vertical.

WordPress…No Doubt About It!

We again went with WordPress and used jquery and bootstrap to make it look and behave the way we wanted it to.

50 Years of The Crescent Group, Enhanced by 5 years of BlueHorse

When the site is so sparse, it allows us to play with and show the items in innovative and cool ways. The main menu here opens up a full page drop down for further navigation, and with a huge image slideshow on top, the first impression is always going to be massive.

When Your Website Makes The Statement

Colours on the site chosen to represent the brand identity and the minimalistic and modern layout truly establishes the client as a serious player in their industry.

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