eCommerce Platform for Quick Design Jobs by a Group of Artists and Designers

Bella99 is a marketplace for simple and one-off design tasks such as logo creation, banners, invites, business cards and so on. The key here is the price point, and the quick turn around time, much like but without so much focus on individual service providers.

Discussing Requirements Over A Cup Of Coffee

When the client came to us with a detailed idea and some designs in place, it just took a couple of coffees for us to figure out how we fit in the scheme of things. We knew that the product was simple and only had a three-step process, and only a few SKUs to choose from, so even though it had a strong ecommerce angle to it, it wasn’t going to need a dedicated framework.

The core of the product was to showcase the various services, and taking the users through the three step process to help them choose, and then take them through the check out process.

You Might Be Surprised With What CMS’ Can Do

With its humble beginnings as a blogging engine, WordPress has now become a serious open source CMS that has taken over its early competitors like Drupal and Joomla because of its ease of implementation and user friendliness. With WooCommerce, it’s has become simple to set up an online store for a WP site. We chose this combination for Bella99.

Getting The Look & Feel Right

The design team had a very in-your-face approach to this project, with the concept being explained using huge banners at the top of the site, and then using tons of colourful sample images to lure the user into checking out a few of the categories in offer. The typography, using Google Fonts, is clean and big, and uses a lot of empty white spaces to make a bold statement.

The Bootstrap framework is used to make the website responsive JQuery is used for snazzy image effects. It is a great looking website from top to bottom.

When Everything Falls Into Place

Bella99 was one of those projects where iterations were made, features were changed, and we had to be flexible and had to make decisions on how we were going to meet our client’s requirement without altering the timelines, technology, or the cost too much. Overall we came out with very proud results, and with lots of learnings.

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