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E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a most popular concept now a days but before jumping and drowning in this concept lets us have a clear idea of the term e-mail and it use E-mail as the term emphasis means Electronic Mail. It is basically exchange of information with the help of telecommunication. Information doesnt mean only text based information but it can include any kind of information be it sound, visual or graphics. A large percentage of traffic over the internet is because of the e-mail. E-mail can be distributed to a single person as well as the same time to the list of person. A shared distribution list can be managed by using an e-mail reflector. Some mailing list allows you to subscribe by sending a request to the mailing list administrator. A mailing list that is administered automatically is called a list server. A list server is a program that handles subscription request for a mailing list and distributes new messages, newsletters and any other posting from the lists members to the entire list of subscribers as they are schedules. Now, coming to the concept of e-mail marketing as the name suggest is the use of email in marketing communication. It is basically for business purpose for selling a product or service and establishing loyalty / trust or awareness about the product or services. There are lots of reasons why one need to follow e-mail marketing.

    • Cost effectual: E-mail marketing is less costly as compared to direct marketing. Direct marketing campaign needs thousand of dollar to formulate.
    • Its instant: While in direct marketing strategy one has to wait for a week or two for the result while e-mail marketing is immediate. In e-mail marketing your mail is directly send to the subscriber.
    • It can raise your sale: By formulating interesting newsletter or sending e-mail when there is some announcement or discount going on. This particular phenomenon is very useful to increase your sale.
    • You can mechanize your campaign: In e-mail marketing we can automate our campaign and schedule sending of newsletter according to the company requirement eg. during promotion or when some discount is announced etc.
In order to accomplish effective e-mail marketing one has to consider few important things other-wise it will be completely unworthy.
    • First and the foremost priority are when and what message need to convey to the customer. The message should have some meaning information otherwise they will be least interested in reading/looking that particular e-letter.
    • Effective e-mail marketing means we should be focused on the customer requirement.
    • One needs to ensure that the centerpiece of the information that connect customer should be highlighted.

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